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Buttoned Cosy Bed Jacket

by Slenderella
£23.00 £18.40

Polar Fleece Buttoned Bedjacket

by Slenderella

Ribbon Tie Polar Fleece Bedjacket

by Slenderella

Cosy Fleece Buttoned Bedjacket

by Slenderella

Ribbon Tie Lightweight Bedjacket

by Slenderella
£22.50 £18.00

Ribbon Tie Lightly Quilted Summer Bedjacket

by Slenderella
£18.50 £14.80

Plush Collar Button Opening Cosy Polar Bedjacket

by Slenderella
£29.00 £20.30

...a change is a good as a rest...It`s a very personal thing, what you sleep in. The variations are almost endless, here we hope we have a selection to suit everyone.

Bed jackets are perfect for wearing in bed for extra warmth and for keeping cosy when lounging around the house. Bed jackets are lightweight and very comfortable and make excellent gifts for elderly hospital patients and care home residents. Many are machine washable at 40 degrees. As an added bonus, they are lightweight and easy to pack. Bed Jackets are popular options for those who travel around, as we all know – the temperature in hotels can vary somewhat! Bed Jacket Materials vary in design and material. There is a bed jacket for all seasons - keep cosy in polar fleece, boucle fleece, waffle fleece, whilst others are lightweight soft touch fabrics. Some are button close, whilst others are tie shut. Other variations include long sleeve and short sleeve bed jackets. As always, if you have any questions about this range – just get in touch and we will be happy to help.