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Bra Extender 5 hooks 3.75“

by Braza

Bra Extender 4 hooks 3“

by Braza

Bra Extender 2 hooks 1.5“

by Braza

Bra Extender 2 hooks 1.25“

by Braza

Bra Extender 1 hook 3/4“

by Braza


by Anita Comfort

A range of bra accessories from nipple covers to mastectomy pockets. Bra extenders or bra cushions can revive an older bra and ensure a perfect fit.Here we have bits and pieces of bra accesories and wardrobe malfunction necessities.

White have a great selection of bra accessories such as petal tops (nipple covers), perfect for under t-shirt bras; bra extenders from 1-5 hooks to give you a little extra room in your bra; clear straps & bra cushions which fit under the straps of your bra to help prevent straps slipping. We stock all sizes of pockets which can be sewn into most bras for mastectomy use.