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Tosca lingerie by Empreinte

Tosca lingerie by Empreinte. Luxurious, baroque inspired collection with embroidery combining flowers and arabesque on a delicate tulle. Glamour and seductive line for strong women available in different shapes to suit every bust and body shape.

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Tosca Underwired Low-Necked Bra Tosca

Tosca Underwired Low-Necked Bra
by Empreinte

£44.50 - £89.00 08181
black chianti satin
Tosca Underwired Full Cup Bra Tosca

Tosca Underwired Full Cup Bra
by Empreinte

£44.50 - £89.00 07181
black chianti satin
Tosca Panty Tosca

Tosca Panty
by Empreinte

£25.25 - £50.50 05181
black chianti satin
Tosca Briefs Tosca

Tosca Briefs
by Empreinte

£20.50 - £41.00 03181
black chianti satin
Tosca Shorty Tosca

Tosca Shorty
by Empreinte

£25.25 - £50.50 02181
black chianti satin
Tosca Thong Tosca

Tosca Thong
by Empreinte

£20.25 - £40.50 01181
black satin