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Pompadour underwear by Empreinte

Empreinte Pompadour, beautiful frilly lace lingerie collection made from French and Swiss fabrics for ultimate luxury. The Empreinte Pompadour range includes full cup bra 07152 and low cut bra 08152 with a choice of matching bottoms to suit your shape.

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Pompadour Panty Pompadour

Pompadour Panty
by Empreinte

£24.50 - £49.00 05152
lilac navy
Pompadour Brief Pompadour

Pompadour Brief
by Empreinte

£16.00 - £40.00 03152
Pompadour Full Cup Bra Pompadour

Pompadour Full Cup Bra
by Empreinte

£43.50 - £87.00 07152
ciel lilac navy
Pompadour Low-Necked Bra Pompadour

Pompadour Low-Necked Bra
by Empreinte

£43.50 - £87.00 08152
ciel lilac navy
Pompadour Shorty Thong Pompadour

Pompadour Shorty Thong
by Empreinte

£16.40 - £41.00 02152
lilac navy