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Elila lingerie, designed for the plus size woman, offering a comfortable fit and support. The Elila brand is for every occasion, from best seller soft cup bra and matching briefs to shapewear bridal bustiers, Elila bras don`t compromise on style or fit. Best of all, they offer great quality at an affordable price.

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Jacquard Soft Cup Bra Jacquard

Jacquard Soft Cup Bra
by Elila

£50.00 1305
black blue lilac mocha nude red white
Front-Fastening Jacquard Bra Jacquard

Front-Fastening Jacquard Bra
by Elila

£51.00 1515
black nude white
Lace Bra Lace

Lace Bra
by Elila

£44.00 1303
black nude white
Leopard High Waist Shaper Leopard Lace

Leopard High Waist Shaper
by Elila

£85.00 8203
black nude
Embroidered Longline Bra Embroidered Microfiber

Embroidered Longline Bra
by Elila

£68.00 5001
black nude
Elila Lace Strapless Longline Lace

Elila Lace Strapless Longline
by Elila

£75.00 6621
black nude white
Jacquard Briefs Jacquard

Jacquard Briefs
by Elila

£23.00 3405
black mocha nude white
Leopard Lace Wired Bra Leopard Lace

Leopard Lace Wired Bra
by Elila

£33.50 - £67.00 2211
black nude
Jacquard Posture Front-Fastening Bra Jacquard

Jacquard Posture Front-Fastening Bra
by Elila

£25.00 - £50.00 1415
black white