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Underwired Ladies Plus Size Clothing

Ladies Clothing up to a size 30 from well know brands Doris Streich, Lebek and Personnal Choice (Michael H). have researched various designers and can now offer styles that we are condifent are easy to wear and look great.

Underwired lingerie and swimwear features sewn in wires under the breast in each cup, with the aim of providing support and uplift. You can find C shape and U shape wires which will give a slightly different shape. C shape often use in minimiser and sports cups for round look where U shape is more forward projection used in underwear with side support. Underwired lingerie and swimwear are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours and are manufactured by the world’s leading bra brands, including Fantasie, Felina, Empreinte and Elomi. Here at Ample Bosom, we are proud to stock a wide range of Underwired underwear online, including a range made up of the highest quality products. The range also caters for all sizes, no matter how hard to find a size seems. Naturally, this range has a large range of plus size options.

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