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Size 22 Hosiery has a superb selection of hosiery and tights for all occasions and in dress sizes 12 to 44, including plus size tights, in a range of practical and stylish colours. The tights and pantyhose come in a range of denier sizes. We sell plain or patterned tights and have some beautiful opaque hold up stockings and practical knee/pop socks.
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Size 22 Plus Size Stockings

Plus Size Stockings
by Lida

£10.50 L130

Size 22 Plus Size Knee Socks

Plus Size Knee Socks
by Lida

£6.00 L703
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Size 22 Pop Socks Twinpack

Pop Socks Twinpack
by Lida

£3.50 L701

Size 22 3/4 Length Plus Size Leggings

3/4 Length Plus Size Leggings
by Lida

£14.60 L604


Size 22 Plus Size Leggings

Plus Size Leggings
by Lida

£16.70 L602

Size 22 Bamboo Plus Size Tights

Bamboo Plus Size Tights
by Lida

£15.60 L450

Size 22 Madison Tights

Madison Tights
by Cette

£12.95 MADISON

Size 22 Black Tights

Black Tights
by Pamela Mann

£8.40 120D