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40E Swimwear swimwear includes swimsuits by dress size & cup size, bikinis, tankini sets, pareos, sarongs & other swimwear accessories. If you are looking for a little extra support we have swimsuits with tummy control and moulded cups made by Miraclesuit. Skirted swimsuits are perfect for pear shaped women. We have a range of chlorine resistant swimsuits in both sporty and patterned designs from Tweka for the regular swimmer.

40E Swimwear

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Pollonia Swimsuit quick look

Pollonia Swimsuit by Fantasie Swimwear
£82.00 FS5704

Pollonia Tankini Top quick look

Pollonia Tankini Top by Fantasie Swimwear
£62.00 FS5701

Pollonia Bikini Top quick look

Pollonia Bikini Top by Fantasie Swimwear
£40.00 FS5706

Istanbul Swimsuit quick look

Istanbul Swimsuit by Fantasie Swimwear
£74.00 FS5948


Istanbul Bikini Top quick look

Istanbul Bikini Top by Fantasie Swimwear
£36.00 FS5944

Kashmir Swimsuit quick look

Kashmir Swimsuit by Fantasie Swimwear
£72.00 FS5747

Monte Carlo Swimsuit quick look

Monte Carlo Swimsuit by Ulla Dessous
£129.00 9011

Isobel Balconet Swimsuit quick look

Isobel Balconet Swimsuit by Panache Swim
£48.00 SW0760


Moulded Active Swimsuit quick look

Moulded Active Swimsuit by Freya Swim
£60.00 AS3991

Versailles Adjustable Leg Swimsuit quick look

Versailles Adjustable Leg Swimsuit by Fantasie Swimwear
£62.00 FS5755

Versailles Twist Front Swimsuit quick look

Versailles Twist Front Swimsuit by Fantasie Swimwear
£70.00 FS5754

Versailles Full Cup Bikini Top quick look

Versailles Full Cup Bikini Top by Fantasie Swimwear
£30.60 - £35.00 FS5749


Isis Bandeau Swim Bra quick look

Isis Bandeau Swim Bra by Elomi Swim
£48.00 ES7501

Isis Swimbra quick look

Isis Swimbra by Elomi Swim
£34.20 - £38.00 ES7500

Durban Swimsuit quick look

Durban Swimsuit by Fantasie Swimwear
£78.00 FS5799

Durban Bikini Top quick look

Durban Bikini Top by Fantasie Swimwear
£38.00 FS5796


Montreal Swimsuit quick look

Montreal Swimsuit by Fantasie Swimwear
£70.00 FS5436

Dominica Balcony Bikini Top quick look

Dominica Balcony Bikini Top by Fantasie Swimwear
£38.00 FS5959

Javea Bikini Top quick look

Javea Bikini Top by Fantasie Swimwear
£32.40 - £36.00 FS5985

Santorini Swimsuit quick look

Santorini Swimsuit by Fantasie Swimwear
£54.00 - £72.00 FS5727


Active Swimsuit quick look

Active Swimsuit by Freya Swim
£49.00 AS3182

Allure Swimsuit quick look

Allure Swimsuit by Empreinte
£109.00 1423TZ

Eden Soft Cup Swimsuit quick look

Eden Soft Cup Swimsuit by Empreinte
£119.00 1451TZ

Clea Swimsuit quick look

Clea Swimsuit by Rosa Faia
£78.00 7710


Elouise Swimsuit quick look

Elouise Swimsuit by Rosa Faia
£63.00 7742

Madagascar Twist Swimsuit quick look

Madagascar Twist Swimsuit by Fantasie Swimwear
£67.50 - £75.00 FS5807

Madagascar Bikini Top quick look

Madagascar Bikini Top by Fantasie Swimwear
£34.20 - £38.00 FS5803

Koh Samui Swimsuit quick look

Koh Samui Swimsuit by Fantasie Swimwear
£67.50 - £75.00 FS5763


Koh Samui Bikini Top quick look

Koh Samui Bikini Top by Fantasie Swimwear
£34.20 - £38.00 FS5759

San Juan Tankini Top quick look

San Juan Tankini Top by Fantasie Swimwear
£58.50 - £65.00 FS5817

Zelda Swimsuit quick look

Zelda Swimsuit by Anita Comfort
£79.00 7257

Waikiki Swimsuit quick look

Waikiki Swimsuit by Fantasie Swimwear
£64.80 - £72.00 FS5828


Waikiki Tankini Top quick look

Waikiki Tankini Top by Fantasie Swimwear
£55.80 - £62.00 FS5825

Abigail 3 Bikini Set quick look

Abigail 3 Bikini Set by Anita Comfort
£68.80 - £86.00 8310

Elea III Swimsuit quick look

Elea III Swimsuit by Anita Comfort
£78.75 - £105.00 7308

Magda Swimsuit quick look

Magda Swimsuit by Anita Comfort
£46.00 - £92.00 7253


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